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Welcome back! We are pleased to offer the annual PASD student directory once again. Please read the email carefully as there as some very important changes to the directory this year.

This year has been trying for sure and the need to connect with other families is now greater than ever. The PASD directory is now free of charge, however we have partnered with PCEF to allow for a district wide fund for all of the Home & School Associations in the district. Access to the directory is free, but we welcome donations of any amount to continue support to the HSAs.

Donate to the PASD HSA today and support our schools!

Because we no longer require a fee, families with students in multiple buildings will get access as soon as they verify their information. You still control what information you make visible on the site and can update your information at any time during the school year. Each family will use the same secure user name and password to access each of the individual directories. You can access the directory either online or through the AtoZ Connect App.

If you have a new kindergarten student OR a rising second grader, you will need to request access for their school. Rising 6th and 9th graders will automatically be added to the middle and high school directories.

Teacher lists are being updated this week, however the PASD Directory does not have access to teacher assignments. Once you receive your student's assignment, you will be able to add that to their directory listing if you so choose. Please remember when searching that not all families will choose that option.

To ensure we have the most up-to-date information for your family, please follow the instructions below to login and verify your data using the Verification Wizard. This will only take 5 minutes of your time.

Login today to verify your information. You must verify your data for our school independently. Please contact us immediately if your child is linked to the wrong school (pasdhsdir@gmail.com).

If you have any questions at all about this process, please email us at pasdhsdir@gmail.com. Have a great school year!

You can access the online directory by downloading the app to your Apple or Android devices.
Directory FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact us at pasdhsdir@gmail.com

Watch the introductory video! 
Directory Help & Resources

Introductory video


1) I am new to the district and/or have never been part of the directory before. How do I sign up?
Sign up is easy! Click here and enter your contact information to make sure you are not already in the database. If you are, we can help you regain your login credentials. If NOT, follow the steps to add your household to the database. Your join request will be sent to the administrators for approval. Approval may take up to 48 hours during the initial launch period.

2) I was part of the directory last year. Now what?
If you were listed in the directory last year OR you elected to be part of the directory during registration, you will receive an email asking you to verify your information. Follow the links in the email to verify your information and setup your account.

3) Is this verification the same as the Annual Student Update?
No. The Annual Student Update is a required step in student registration. The directory is optional and works as a fundraiser and volunteer run tool to help families connect outside the classroom.

4) I have children in more than one directory. Will I need multiple logins for each one?
Nope! When you login, all directories associated with that email will appear under the same account. You WILL need to verify each account information separately though. You will receive verification emails for EACH school you have students enrolled. When you click on the links for each email, it will ask you to change your password – you can simply reenter the same password you already used and continue from there.

Updating Information

5) I received an email requesting verification, but my child’s school is incorrect. What do I do?
Please email us at pasdhsdir@gmail.com and we will change your child’s school on our end and then re-send a verification email. This sometimes happens as students transition between the district wide buildings.

6) I don’t want all of my information to be displayed. Can I choose what is shown?
YES! This is one of the best parts of the new system. You can choose as little or as much information as you’d like people to see. If you simply prefer an email, that’s fine, but you can also include addresses and phone numbers as well. To hide information, hover to the right of the data field and click the box. If there is data in that box, it will only be seen my administrators. You can make adjustments to this at any time.

7) I don’t want my data to be displayed in the directory, but I’d still like access. Is that possible?
Yes. Simply opt out of the directory during verification, but continue the process to make your payment.

8) We are moving later this year and will have new data. Will I be able to change it?
Absolutely! Families may update their information at ANY TIME and it will be adjusted immediately!

9) We have two households in our family. Can this be accommodated?
Yes. The database is broken down into households (physical addresses), families, parents, and students. It is very easy during setup to add a second household for a student.
Payment & Access

10) I verified my information, but I don’t want to pay online. Can I pay by cash or credit card?
Yes! While online payment will give you instant access to the directory, we understand that not everyone wants to pay this way. If you want to pay by cash or check, simply send the $5 into your child’s school. Checks should be made payable to the Home & School Association of your choice. Volunteers will collect payments at least once per week and will update access status upon receipt.

11) My child attends the high school. How do I pay?
Families at PAHS are not able to pay by credit card. Payments of cash or check should be made payable to Phoenixville Area High School and mailed to PASD Directory, C/O Barkley Elementary, Attn: Nicole McClure, 320 2nd Avenue, Phoenixville, PA 19460.

12) I have children in two different schools. Do I need to pay to access each individual directory?
No. You only need to pay the $5 once. You can choose which Home & School Association will receive your payment. In the past, parents have alternated schools each year or choose the school of their choice. If you do have multiple school directory requests, please email us at pasdhsdir@gmail.com and let us know where you sent your payment and what other schools you would like to access.
13) If I want a second parent to access the directory, do I need to pay twice?
No. If you have two parents listed in a household, both will have access.

14) I would still like a full district directory. Is that an option?
No. Families may only access directories in which they have a child attending. This choice was made due to security concerns.

15) How do I view the directory?
The directory can be accessed in three ways: 1) On the web at www.atozconnect.com, 2)Download the AtoZConnect app on your Apple or Android phone

16) Can I obtain a print copy?
No. Again, due to security concerns, we do not offer a print copy of the directory.


17) What is the Digital Backpack?
The Digital Backpack is a place for the Home & School Associations to store documents. You may find information about events, news, and more in here. This will vary from school to school.

18) What is sold in the store?
For right now, only directory access and print directories can be ordered here. In the future, your local HSA may use it to collect other fees and donations.

19) How do I search the directory? Can I add filters?
Click on Directory and type a name. You may also choose to use filters such as grades or classes by clicking on the more button below the search bar.


20) What are all of these ads?
A to Z Connect is a free program for schools. To support their work and the free app, they employ advertising. We feel that the ads are a minor price to pay to have affordable technology and security for our directories. The material advertised is not related to the PASD HSA or Phoenixville Area School District nor are the businesses affiliates of ours. Advertising space is available but those proceeds do NOT go to the Home & School. Please contact us at pasdhsdir@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.
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