Bus Stop Location Information

Establishment and Maintenance of Bus Stop Locations

In developing student bus stop locations a number of factors are considered:
• We route school buses in the most efficient manner consistent with State law and School Board Policy and guidelines regarding establishment of safe school bus stops.
• Realizing there are conflicting issues involved with school bus stop locations, the factors utilized in establishing a new stop or reviewing a current location involve:

1.  Examining potential safety issues at the waiting/loading zone.
2.  Student access to the bus stop.
3.  Visibility at the stop location for passing motorists. There should be 500 feet visibility in either direction for other vehicles.
4.  Maintaining State mandated distance for activation of the school bus 8-way warning lights and stop signs.
5.  Because of the danger inherent in the backing of school buses, bus routes and stop locations will be established to preclude the necessity of having buses back up.
6.  Routes will be designed to avoid having our buses travel into areas terminating at cul-de-sacs or dead ends.
7.  Buses will not be routed into developments where other vehicles or objects may block or hinder safe travel through the development.
8.  In recognizing each school bus stop, on the district's congested roads and highways, presents a hazard for students as well as the motoring public, the Transportation Department attempts to keep the number of stops to a minimum.

Additional Information: 
The Director of Operations has the responsibility and authority to develop all bus routes based on the guidelines established by the Board of School Directors. Changes will only be made following review and approval by the Director of Operations or his/her designee. School Bus Drivers are not permitted to change stop locations without approval of the Director. Drivers who stop at locations other than those established by the Board or the Director are in violation of Board policy and the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code. This violation subjects the driver to department disciplinary action as well as the issuance of a citation and fine for violating the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code.

Procedure for Requesting Stop Location Change
• Complete Student Transportation Change Form indicating current stop location, bus number and whether the request is for the current AM and/or PM assignment.

• Indicate the requested stop location and the reason for the request.

• Send or Fax (610-933-3707) the completed form to:

Phoenixville Area School District
Administration Bldg-Transportation
386 City Line Ave
Phoenixville PA 19460

Upon receiving the form, the Phoenixville Area School District Transportation Department will review the request using the above-mentioned criteria and respond in a timely manner. Responses to change requests are answered in the order received.  Questions may be directed to Transportation Technician at 484-927-5030 or Transportation@pasd.com.

Run Evaluation Procedure
The Phoenixville Area School District strives for fiscal responsibility and to maintain efficient, safe bus runs for the students of Phoenixville Area School District. The Transportation Department will expand the process of continued run evaluations.

• Beginning approximately 20 school days after the start of school, a system wide examination of bus routes will be undertaken.

• Drivers will be interviewed regarding the operation of their bus routes. Items to be examined include: bus stop locations, run timing and stop utilization.

• Transportation Department staff may selectively observe the operation of a bus route to determine safety issues and ridership.

• Bus stops not utilized on a regular basis may be eliminated without notice.

• Once a stop is eliminated should the student(s) again require transportation during the school year, the transportation department should be notified to re-establish bus service. Reactivation of the service will be made within a short period.

• Continued reviews will be undertaken during the course of the school year, specifically mid-year and as routes are revamped due to changes in ridership and/or schools assigned to a particular run.

This procedure will identify and eliminate unused bus stops enabling the Transportation Department to maintain efficient bus runs ensuring improved service and timely delivery of students utilizing the transportation system. This action will reduce emissions as well as save fuel, time and district resources.
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