English Language Development Program

The Phoenixville Area School District is committed to ensuring that English language learners have equal access to a high-quality education and the opportunity to achieve their full academic potential.  If you have questions about the program or specific services please contact Jessica Kilmetz or 484-927-5071

Phoenixville Area School District's ELD Teachers

Phoenixville Area Early Learning Center
Kate Camarda (CamardaK@pasd.com)
Sandra Makos (MakosS@pasd.com)
Julie Miller (
Luis Morales (
Schuylkill Elementary
Nora Sicher (SicherN@pasd.com)
Barkley Elementary
MaryPat McLaughlin (MclaughlinM@pasd.com)
Ruth Dougherty (DoughertyR@pasd.com)
Tabitha Wismer (WismerT@pasd.com)

Phoenixville Area Middle School
Ana Bogota (BogotaA@pasd.com)
Elizabeth Sokol (SokolE@pasd.com)
Eva Werley (
Tabitha Wismer (WismerT@pasd.com)

Manavon Elementary
Luis Morales (MoralesL@pasd.com)

Phoenixville Area High School
Ana Bogota (BogotaA@pasd.com)
Allison Curley (
Emily Nicolo (NicoloE@pasd.com)
Julie Rouse (RouseJ@pasd.com)

Beth Ulcay (

The U.S. Departments of Education and Justice released resources to help schools in serving English learner students and parents with limited English proficiency:

  • A fact sheet in English and in other languages (see below) about schools’ obligations under federal law to ensure that English learner students can participate meaningfully and equally in school (Jan. 2015).
English download files PDF (443K) | Spanish download files PDF (271K) Chinese - Mandarin Traditional download files PDF (629K) Chinese - Mandarin Simplified download files PDF(605K) Cambodian download files PDF (541K) Hmong download files PDF (372K) Korean download files PDF (396K) Laotian download files PDF (650K) Russian download files PDF (689K) Tagalog download files PDF (437K) Vietnamese download files PDF (660K)
  • A fact sheet in English and in other languages (see below) about schools’ obligations under federal law to communicate information to limited English proficient parents in a language they can understand (Jan. 2015).
English download files PDF (547K) | Spanish download files PDF (194K) Chinese - Mandarin Traditional download files PDF (576K) Chinese - Mandarin Simplified download files PDF (559K) Cambodian download files PDF (116K) Hmong download files PDF (439K) Korean download files PDF (343K) Laotian download files PDF (484K) Russian download files PDF (573K) Tagalog download files PDF (427K) Vietnamese download files PDF (547K)
Notice of Language Assistance

If you have difficulty understanding English, you may, free of charge, request language assistance to help you understand the District’s documents, programs, and procedures. Please contact your child’s teacher or principal for assistance or you may call 484-927-5071.

English Language Proficiency Assessment

The current federal education legislation requires an annual English language proficiency assessment of English Learners.  To meet this federal requirement, the WIDA ACCESS 2.0 for ELLs test will be given to English learners in our schools from January 6 to February 21. Eligible students will be administered the WIDA ACCESS 2.0 to assess English proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. If your child will be taking this assessment, you’ll receive a letter in the mail. If you have any comments or questions, please contact your child’s ELD teacher or Dr. Jessica Kilmetz at 484-927-5071.

ACCESS testing notifications in multiple languages can be found to the right. 
Translate Any Website

Below you will find an information video on how to add a Google Translation Extension to your Google browser that will allow you to translate any website.

Direction on How to Add Google Translate Extension to your Browser

This translation extension will only work in google chrome.  So if you do not have the google chrome browser, follow steps 1 and 2 to download the google chrome browser.  Skip these steps if you already have google chrome and start and step 3.

1. Type www.google.com into a browser. Then click Chrome web browser

2. Then click download chrome

3. Once google is downloaded, open google chrome and type “translation extension.” Then click search

4. Click Google Translate – Google Chrome

5. Click Add to Chrome
add to google chrome

6. Click Add extension
add extension

7. You will now see the google translate extension has been added to chrome on the top right of your page

8. Open any website.  Click the translate icon.  Then click on the Translate this pagetranslate

9. Use this drop down to choose your language.  You can go back to the original language by clicking show original

Thank you.  Remember you can use google translate on any website in google chrome.

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